Media Player Help

Please check the following things are all OK:

  • Check your speakers are turned on and wired up correctly and the volume is not muted.  (Check the Windows taskbar)
  • Make sure you allow pop-ups (or deactivate your pop-up blocker) for our website in your browser.
  • Check you have the required streaming plug-ins installed on your computer.

Browsers and plug-ins:

The embedded player option does require the Flash Player in your browser: Adobe Flash.

If you cannot use Flash for whatever reason, you can try downloading the MP3 stream. This should be able to be opened and played with a player such as Windows Media Player or iTunes.

Other potential problems:

There a numerous other issues that might be stopping you from enjoying our audio stream.

  • You have a  poor Internet connection.
  • Problems with our servers
  • Your computer is not fast enough to stream correctly.

Still having trouble?

Any issues may be temporary - try again a little later and your problem may be resolved. If you are still having problems, please contact us.