NZ Music Month - Jodi Millar aka Snapdragon

Posted by on 22/05/2014

Jodi Millar cd

This month Gold FM is targeting musicians in 'our neighbourhood' and Brian Gentil caught up with Jodi Millar.
Jodi is an early childhood educator who works in Waihi, lives in Whangamata and is passionate about passing on her love of music to children.
She has an album out called 'Add Yourself to the Sound'. Keith Harding, and automotive painter/hairdresser from Tauranga looked after the very colourful graphics and Jodi's purpose, which is written on the cover of the CD says it all.
Music designed to educate, fascinate and celebrate the children of Aotearoa and beyond.
Children for Waihi central School feature on one of the tracks on the CD and Jodi describes the work as a collaboration.
Click play to hear the interview with Jodi Millar.
For further information contact Jodi -

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