The Make Believe's Dreams Come True

Posted by Gold FM on 13/04/2012

make believe

Christchurch boy band ‘The Make Believe’ know playing 'make believe' that you're a famous boy band doesn't hurt to get you noticed.

The trio, Tyler Vivian, Mike Lake and Matt Andrews have signed a 5 year, 5 album deal after a youtube video they posted of their performance of 'Your'e Beautiful' by 'One Direction' scored over 600,000 views. The boy's youtube channel has now had over 1,000,000 views.

American Idol host Ryan Secrest saw the performance, liked what he saw and heard and ... pack your bags boys!!!  US management company Three Piece Productions, who look after P!ink and Chris Brown persuaded the boys to sign on the dotted line and wing their way state side.

They're due to fly out to America in June to spend three months in the same studio used by Justin Bieber and many more singers on their way to stardom.

The trip will be all expenses paid, includes an apartment to stay in while they're working, and they even get a salary.

The boys acknowledge it's going to be hard work and at the end of three months their efforts will be touted to the record companies to see who wants a piece of them, but they know it's the opportunity of a lifetime, and they'll be earning more money than they ever dreamed of while they 'live the dream'.

New Zealand gets to have a taste before 'The Make Believe' jet away, as they're performing gigs in Christchurch, Wellington, Hamilton and Auckland.

The boys are also hoping to record and release a song they wrote themselves called "Give It A Million' before they head to the US.

Not bad for three guys who came back from the skate park and did the 'One Direction' cover video for a laugh. Let's hope they laugh all the way to the bank and beyond.

It's not make believe, it's the stuff dreams are made of.

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