New Zealand Loves Ed Sheeran and His Cat

Posted by Warner Music New Zealand on 27/04/2012

Ed Sheeran Drunk

Ed Sheeran is coming to New Zealand and his record company is so excited that thay have put together 10 reasons why they (and you) should love Ed Sheeran.

1. His debut album + (PLUS) peaked at #2 on the NZ album charts and is now certified PLATINUM in New Zealand!

2. ‘The A Team’ and ‘Lego House’ have both been certified PLATINUM in New Zealand.

3. 1.9 Million Twitter followers and 1.4 Million Facebook Fans.

4. 200,000 YouTube channel subscribers, and 1 million video views.

5. Ed Sheeran was a more popular search term on Google in the UK during their summer than Harry Potter and The Weather!

6. His YouTube channel has had 99 million views in the last 12 months and gets 3 million views a week.

7. Biggest selling digital sales on a debut album ever.

8. He is playing a show in New Zealand on July 29.

9. The Deluxe Edition of + (PLUS) is out now and features 5 new tracks.

10. He loves CATS!! Click on the picture below to see the video for his new single ‘Drunk’ (out next week) which features Ed and his extremely cute and funny cat!

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