Kim Dotcom - That Politician Got Amnesia Again ...

Posted by Gold FM on 07/05/2012


Kim Dotcom is making sure John Banks doesn't forget the donation(s) he dished out to him.The enterprising computer magnate enlisted the help of Black Eyed Peas producer Printz Board to help jog the politician's memory about his generosity and produced a rap song titled 'Amnesia' while he was on bail.

The tune has now been released onto the net via youtube with the words "Share and play wherever you like - it's free".

'Amnesia' features snippets from interviews Mr Banks did where he reiterates, "can't remember", or "I don't recall" where 'anonymous' donations of $50,000 came from. Mr Dot Com is obviously feeling pretty p....d off about the way he's been treated, so he's fighting back for a bit of satisfaction. The internet mulit-millionaire is facing extradition hearings that could see him packed off to the United States to face internet piracy charges and he's not happy with the lack of support he's receiving from those he's supported with his cash.

Coromandel's MP Scott Simpson is also coming in for a bit of flack over the saga, as the Herald has obtained and published paperwork showing the development of the campaign to get Mr Banks elected. A 'mentor group' of four people were placed in charge of the fundraising, including former National Party board member Michelle Boag and Scott Simpson. Mr Simpson was listed as National Party Liaison, offering assistance with fundraising along with Ms Boag and 2 other 'mentors', real estate agent Graham Wall and Auckland councillor Cameron Brewer.

Scott Simpson is quoted saying he only had a "minor involvement" in the campaign and that the reference to "fundraising" was "to make it look like I was doing something".

Watch this space ...and listen to Kim Dotcom''s Amnesia.

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