Youths Behaving Badly!

Posted by on 23/04/2014

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The Waihi community is getting fed up with youths causing trouble and behaving in a threatening manner.

We've been told that at about 5 pm last evening the owner of a Rosemont Road business spoke politely to youths who were causing damage to a tree outside her premises.

When she was locking up ready to leave she was accosted by youths, hit about the head and assaulted. A note has been put on the door saying the shop will be closed until Tuesday April 29 due to a robbery.

Investigations into what Police are describing as a robbery at a local Rosemont Road business are continuing. Anyone who witnessed suspicious behaviour in the vicinity of the Rosemont Road shopping area between 8.30 and 9 pm last night is asked to notify Police.

At 7 pm last night Dillimore’s storage building on Morseby Avenue was tagged. Not content with the mess, a group of youths smashed windows at the building at about 7.30 this morning and then returned to vandalise the building again at 8.45 am.

Community Constable Harley North spoke about issues that occurred last week when he update the Gold FM Police File yesterday morning and Sergeant Aaron Fraser has been reporting that youths are forming gangs, fighting in the streets and threatening each other and the general public for the past few weeks.

A 14 year old attacked another youth with a wooden stick embedded with nails a couple of weeks ago and is lucky he did not kill the boy he assaulted.

Police are depending on the public to alert them to the acts of violence and bad behaviour by dialling 111 immediately. They can only charge these young criminals if they can catch them ‘at it’.

Keep your eyes and ears open and report anything quickly is the message.