Wally's Weight For Age Fishing Trip

Posted by on 16/04/2014

Waihi Beach angler Wally Carmichael has matched his age with the weight of a marlin he hooked off Northlands coast.

The former Dargaville resident was fishing with his son when the striped marlin took the bait. Wally battled the fish for 35 minutes before hauling it aboard and taking it to the Whangaroa Sport Fishing Club for a weigh in.

The big fish tipped the scales at 91.6 kg and Wally is 91 years and 6 months old. A match made in heaven for a feisty ‘experienced’ angler.

The fishing trip on a charter boat was shouted by Wally’s son who made his way from Western Australia to spend some time bonding and reminiscing with his dad over the fishing rods.

Congratulations Wally!