Tracey Lemon's Fire Fighters Sky Tower Challenge

Posted by on 03/04/2014

tracey interview

Tracey Lemon has set herself a big challenge. She’s a volunteer fire fighter for the Waihi Beach Fire Brigade and is doing the Sky Tower Challenge for a second time this year.

On May 17, Tracey, Jed Moriarty and Angus Gilbert will dress in full fire fighting kit, wear breathing apparatus (25kgs all up) and race up the 1,103 steps of the Sky Tower to raise money for Leukaemia and Blood Cancer.

Tracey spoke to Brian Gentil about her challenge this morning and said her own home burnt down when she was 13 and because of the great job the fire service did she was inspired to become a fire fighter.

Her uncle was diagnosed with blood cancer and Tracey also has a friend that has been affected with a similar illness so training hard and taking on the 1,103 steps (51 storeys) up the Sky Tower to raise funds is important to her.

“It was close to home for me and made it all that more special”, she said.

The event aims to raise $1,000,000 and Tracey is hoping local businesses and people will support the Waihi Beach Fire Brigade team and donate through their webpage.

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