TCDC Proposes Increase For Commercial Concessions

Posted by TCDC on 02/04/2014

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A fee increase is being proposed for commercial operators who want to hold an event or run a business on Thames Coromandel Council parks and reserves.

"These proposed increases are in the 2014/2015 draft Annual Plan and reflect the actual costs for administration and monitoring work involved with our staff working with commercial businesses operating on Council parks and reserves," says Marion Smith, Community Environment Group Manager.

"This also makes it more relative to what shops and businesses pay for commercial rents and rates on buildings," says Ms Smith. "Application fees for non-commercial events will remain the same."

Some of the proposed application fee increases:

• A commercial minor event (less than 500 people) will increase from $59 to $375.

• A commercial large event (500-1000 people) will increase from $95 to $700.

• A commercial major event (more than 1000 people) will increase from $190 to $1000.

• A commercial concession for a business operating in a Council park or reserve during the summer holidays and holiday weekends will increase from $358 to $900.

• A commercial operator operating all year in multiple locations on Council parks and reserves will increase from $767 to $1800

Area managers will also have the discretion to waive any non-commercial reserve fees if there's evidence of significant community benefit provided.

Area Managers are now responsible for concession applications operating within each area, with respective Community Boards signing off on them.

"Please remember these are proposed increases to these charges and if people agree or disagree they should make a submission to our Draft Annual Plan," says Ms Smith.

Submissions to the Draft Annual Plan close Friday 4 April.