Speeding On Coromandel Roads Appalls Police

Posted by on 13/01/2014


A senior Waikato Police officer says his colleagues are appalled by the recent spate of extremely high speeds being detected on Coromandel roads.

Shift Supervisor, Senior Sergeant Rupert Friend of the Waikato District Command Centre, said officers across the country have pledged to reduce the speeds on roads nationwide during December and January by applying a 4 km/h tolerance to speeding for the entire two months.

"This is a prevention based initiative to prevent victimisation through road trauma as we want to build on our success from last year where the road toll dropped to 22 compared to 44 road deaths in 2012.

"It's all aimed at ensuring people get to their destination safely and enjoy their summer holidays."

Mr Friend said in the lead up to Christmas, repeated road safety messaging saw a good reduction in speeds in many areas as drivers appeared to head the messages put out.

"And the public's attitudes to bad driving is changing as well. Between Christmas Day and New Years Eve Police received about 357 complaints about bad driver behaviour in the Waikato relating to cars crossing the centreline, making poor decisions while passing, or dangerous driving.

"Of particular concern, 93 of these complaints were of incidents on roads either in the Coromandel or leading to it."

With the road toll being halved last year Mr Friend said Police are worried drivers were taking their eye off the ball with speeds recorded over recent days ridiculously high, endangering all road users.

On Tuesday an officer returning from a multiple injury crash near Cooks Beach stopped a woman on a motorbike travelling at 151km/h and yesterday there was a noticeable increase in speeds with one officer stopping a driver overtaking on the Kopu-Hikuai Rd (SH25A) at 152km/h and two at 148 km/h.

"There were also a number stopped at speeds around 130km/h and most of these speeds were during overtaking manoeuvres. All of these vehicles were eastbound heading towards the holiday beach locations.

"Those drivers driving at speeds over 140km/h had their licences suspended on the roadside for 28 days. Surely that is not a happy way to start your weekend away?"

Elsewhere in the Coromandel a speed camera operator saw a vehicle towing a boat over taking two other boats despite there being oncoming traffic and run out of clear road space.