Serious Car Crash Near Cook's Beach

Posted by on 07/01/2014

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Two air ambulance helicopters, fire, ambulance and police staff rushed to the scene of a serious crash near Cook’s Beach today.

Three people were airlifted to Hospital, one with life threatening injuries and the other two in serious condition.

A sixty year old woman was taken to Auckland hospital in a helicopter with a broken pelvis and other injuries.

An ambulance transported two more Two more people with minor injuries Thames Hospital.

Waikato Prevention Manager, Inspector Rob Lindsay, said “At this point in time it is too early to say what caused the two car collision which happened on Purangi Rd about 12.19pm.

Mr Lindsay said a Serious Crash Investigator was making his way from Hamilton to the scene of the crash and it was likely that the road would remain closed for some time.

"While we're unable to confirm what happened in this crash what we can comment on is that this is the third serious crash in the Waikato today that has left people seriously, and in some cases critically injured.

"This is despite driving conditions today being described as ideal. At this time Police are urging all motorists to make sure they are doing all they can do to ensure they drive to survive this summer."