Search and Rescue Volunteers Thanked

Posted by on 31/01/2014


Dedicated Search and Rescue volunteers are being thanked for their assistance in the successful rescue of a 75 year old woman who went missing in bush above Coromandel town last night.

District Operations manager, Inspector Karen Henrikson, said Police and eight teams of Land Search and Rescue (SAR) volunteers from around the Waikato converged on Kennedy Bay in the Coromandel last night after reports a 75-year-old woman was missing.

"She had been walking ahead of a friend on the Tokatea Lookout Track, which is also known as Lucas Lookout, late yesterday afternoon on what was supposed to have been a 30 minute round trip.

"When the friend arrived back at the car-park and her friend wasn't there she waited a short period before raising the alarm and teams of Police and SAR volunteers were deployed to the area."

Ms Henrikson said two men the caller encountered in the car park volunteered to go back along the network of tracks to try and find the woman but their efforts were to no avail.

"Once the first SAR team arrived a base camp was set up and teams of searchers, including one with a specialist search dog, deployed into the bush overnight.

"The Auckland based Police Eagle Helicopter was brought in to assist with the search however was unable to locate the women so the searches continued into the evening and into the early hours of this morning."

Ms Henrikson said the land based searchers were rewarded for their persistence when a Hamilton SAR dog team located the woman about 5.35am.

"The woman was described as being understandably upset by her ordeal but unhurt and was reported to be out of the bush and being assessed by ambulance staff as at 7:05am.

"While everyone is happy with the successful outcome it is also opportune to reflect on the outstanding work by the unpaid SAR volunteers who are routinely being called out to assist Police with people in difficulty in the bush. Their efforts are very much appreciated and worthy of high praise."