Newmont Waihi Gold Update 29/01/2014 - Audio

Posted by on 29/01/2014

Gold mining in Waihi spans three decades.

The Newmont Waihi Gold Update gets a wee bit technical this week. You can read the Update here and find out more about their operations on their website

The mining company is adding to the network of devices that measure water levels in the ground at various points above Correnso. The devices are called piezometers, or piezos for short, and the Update explains what they are, how they work and where they will be placed. Why is measuring water tables important?

External Affairs team Andrea Durie and Kit Wilson get thrown some curly questions when they call into the Gold FM studios and this week was no exception.

While I understand you still have some details to work out with respect to your procedure for house purchases and compensation for qualifying residents in the Correnso area, I really was just after a ballpark estimate of when we could expect to be approached. If Correnso is now meant to start when Trio is finished mid-year, then is it conceivable that Newmont will be around to see us 3 months prior to this, perhaps as early as April? Or is it more likely to be towards the end of this year, or even sometime next year? It would be good to have a timeframe.

When you leave who will maintain the tailings dam? It seems to be getting higher and wider, how high can it go and how wide in consent conditions? Then what?
Are all the Correnso vibration monitors located on either Newmont-owned property or the property of Newmont employees? The reason I ask is because last week it was mentioned that

Newmont environmental staff were in the area of each of the monitors where certain anomalies were recorded (ie. the thunder, and the animals in the paddocks), and could verify what actually happened. Why put vibration monitors in paddocks when you know that there will be problems with animal movement?

Click play to hear the answers to the questions asked.

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