Newmont Waihi Gold Update 28/05/2014

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Newmont Waihi Gold directly employs 350 people. A similar nu2

Newmont Waihi Gold External Affairs Coordinator Kit Wilson said the questions sent through for them last week were particularly detailed which is why it would be more useful to deal with them in a workshop. "It's not that we can't answer them, it's just that the most appropriate place to answer them is in a workshop."

People directly above development drives for Correnso are being notified by Newmont staff at present. The owner of each property is being visited with an information pack and a business called the Property Group will conduct negotiations with owners once the initial contact and information pack distribution has been completed.

Maps showing where the drives will be should be available to the general public next week.

Mr Wilson explained that a second drive is needed as a second way to get out. One drive will go down and one will come back up.
He also said some of the questions sent through this week can't be answered by him and hopefully External Affairs Manager Andrea Durie will answer them next week.

Will people who accept an ex gratia offer or sell their house to Newmont and continue to live in it or Waihi East be required to sign a waiver of any sort? The answer was no and you can hear more by listening to the full interview.

The minutes and audio from the Correnso community meetings held earlier this month are available at the Information Centre and Hauraki District Council Service Centre if anyone wishes to pick up a copy.

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