Newmont Waihi Gold Update 26/02/2014

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Newmont Waihi Gold invited some Waihi East residents to a meeting at the Waihi Bowling Clubrooms last night (Monday 25 February).

Andrea Durie and Kit Wilson from the Newmont Waihi Gold External Affairs Department explained what it was about today.

The mining company is proposing to place two drills in the vicinity of the Barry and Gladstone Road intersection and would like feedback from those most likely to be affected by the drilling operation.

The drill rigs will be used to install piezometers which measure water pressure and determine the water table level.

How will the drill rigs affect residents living close by?

Ms Durie said the company will be doing their best to minimise noise and fumes that are associated with heavy machinery like drill rigs and they are hoping to work around people's lifestyles and find some common ground in terms of the hours the rigs will be working. The meeting was called to have a discussion with the people who are likely to be affected by the rigs. It's hoped that the drilling process will take two to three weeks and not be too frustrating for nearby residents.

The drill holes will be grouted when the piezos are in place and Newmont will be able to monitor what is happening by attaching a computer to a small box that sits on the surface above the piezo; which will stay where it is for the duration of the project.

Is a resource consent required to place the drills on Council land and has Council agreed to allow the drilling to go ahead?

Kit Wilson said that Newmont Waihi Gold has permission from Council to do the drilling and putting the piezos in is permitted by their Correnso resource consent.

An in depth question about appeals to the Hauraki District Plan was asked. Andrea and Kit were not sure whether the question related to the Hauraki District Plan or the Thames Coromandel District Plan and will do some research to find out if there are any 'live appeals' left to be dealt with and come back to the question next week.

Ms Durie said that wider legislation requires Newmont to get a consent if they intend to mine anywhere.

The mining company also detail their community partnership philosophy in the Update this week.Newmont Waihi Gold has revised their community investment guidelines to become more targeted and specific.

Read the Update here

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