Newmont Waihi Gold Update 23/04/2014

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The drill rig being used to bore holes for piezometers has now moved from Barry to Gladstone Road. The Barry Road site is be be re grassed after the installation of four piezometers at different depths.

The Annual Miner's Reunion for old timers who worked Waihi mines was held just before Easter and the convoy of military vehicles that spent the weekend in the district travelled down into Martha Mine on Saturday after their 'show and shine' and parade through Seddon Street.

Newmont has its own helicopter but they won't be offering rides as the machine is less than half a metre in diameter and is used to take aerial photos and video of the mining company's sites.

Andrea Durie and Kit Wilson from Newmont's External Affairs Department answered the following questions we received when they visited the Gold FM studios.

*How much of Newmont’s mining revenue and or profit remains in New Zealand and how much of that revenue or profit stays in Waihi?

Do you have any figures that show what the mining industry contributes to the Hauraki District income?

*I was a submitter to your resource consent for Correnso. Last week you talked about a final mine plan and funding not being completed. Why did you not wait to register your resource consent until the background work had been done? Any submissions made would seem to be irrelevant.

Would you not say it was unfair for home owners in affected areas to not have had the correct information included in your resource consent application?

*Has any progress been made with the PCIP? It was stated some time ago that it was an implementation document not a policy document. When will it become a policy document?

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