Newmont Waihi Gold Update 22/05/2014

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Drill core from Newmonts underground gold and silver mine a

Newmont External Affairs Co-ordinator Kit Wilson spoke about the recent community meetings and said the next meeting is to be held on August 13.

The audio and minutes from the meetings will be available next week and he explained where they can be picked up from.

He said he is no good at maths, he's External Affairs not Environmental, which is one of the reasons he couldn't answer the comprehensive questions sent through this week.

He suggested that the person asking the question gets in touch with Newmont and they will organise another Blast Vibration Workshop.

Gold FM received 7 questions this week.

AEP payments and how they are worked out are still not making sense to some residents in Waihi East.

How council measure blasts and records results seem to be different to what the experts predicted and what Newmont records.

Is the method used to measure blasts and calculate payments logical?

1. Given payments are made for blasts generating a certain level of vibration (estimated) at Waihi homes, why is it that at least 2 blasts in any calendar month - a very arbitrary time period in any case - are required for ANY payment to be made for that month? Where is the logic in this?

2. Doesn't this 2 blasts in a month requirement in effect allow NWG to blast out more ore by exceeding that blast level once per month without having to pay any AEP?

3. Wouldn't it make good business sense for NWG to have one such blast per month? (Yes we know that they will claim blasts are not predictable enough for this but some predictability must exist from blast measurements taken from blasting the same area of ore)

4. Why is it that when I compare my minimum AEP payment for a period with my 3 immediate neighbours, the AEP payments vary by a very large amount?

5. Why is it that the Resource Consent Commissioners were told by expert Heilig that blasts move through the Waihi East stratum consistently so it is relatively easy to calculate blast effect, yet in recent meetings with NWG staff we are told there are many variables in how blast pressure waves travel within the Waihi East area?

6. Why is it that in November/December 2012 Waihi East residents felt the strongest vibrations yet felt, from Trio blasts, yet AEP payments did not at all reflect the perceived blast levels?

7. Why is it that council metering of blasts records results very different from both Heilig predicted and NWG measured vibrations?

The Waihi Community Forum are running two workshops, and there are just a few spaces left if anyone is interested in attending.

Residents directly above the next drill drive happening in Waihi East are being contacted by Newmont to discuss options. If you don't receive contact before the end of May you are unlikely to be directly over the next drive.

Read the Newmont Update here

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