Newmont Waihi Gold Update 19/03/2014 - Audio

Posted by on 19/03/2014

chopper in Waihi 600 x 2

Newmont External Affairs Coordinator, Kit Wilson answered questions about, the workshop suggested after a community meeting was held to discuss drilling plans with near by residents; BlastHub; the information contained in the resource consent application for Correnso; the appeal to the Hauraki District Plan not being finalised yet, and the relationship between Glass Earth (now Antipodes) and Newmont Waihi Gold.

He explained why corporate Newmont has a chopper motorcycle that any chopper enthusiastic would dress up in drag and run in front of 10,000 people to own. And yes ... it is happening. Team Newmont has a threesome of 'Golden Moles' getting advice on how to apply their lippy so that they can entertain the Beach Hopping public on Wednesday, March 26, when the parade of hot rods and classic Americana cars rolls into Waihi.

To hear the interview with Kit Wilson click play and allow a few moments for the audio to play.

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