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Newmont Waihi Gold directly employs 350 people. A similar nu

Newmont Waihi Gold hosted their first public meetings that are required by consent conditions for the Correnso underground mine on Monday.

How did they go? Find out by listening to this weeks Newmont Waihi Gold Update.

Last week we had a question asking for the names of the facilitator and minute taker for the meetings. All was revealed on Monday when Tim Clarke, Barrister/Mediator and Sharon Stewart, who works alongside Tim Clarke at 'Out Of Court', a specialist mediation service looked after the meetings.

Tim and Sharon have a track record of working with Newmont in similar circumstances. They facilitated the Waihi Community Vision meetings for a number of years and Tim is also listed as Barrister Mediator for the Waihi Recreation and Community Centre project that the Sport n Action Trust is managing.

Gold FM was sent a question about the CEPA boundary map. There is a 'finger' that looks like it enters the Martha open pit. What will happen in that area?

AEP payments are a little difficult to follow at times. The following question was asked this morning.

"In the past, whenever Newmont has been quizzed about why AEP payments can vary so much between neighbouring properties, we have been told that the payments are based solely on measured, monitored data that has been crunched and verified by overseas experts. Why then have the latest round of AEP figures been scrutinised by Newmont and sent back to the experts for a 'rethink', as mentioned by Andrea a couple of weeks ago - ie, if payments are based on scientifically gathered and calculated data why is Newmont able to have any input into the results?"

Another question came through about the suggestion by the facilitator at Monday's meetings that vibration issues are 'work-shopped'.

Because you’ve suggested that people who came to your public meeting attend workshops, does this mean that the public will no longer be invited to public meetings? Will only those who attend workshops get to stay in the loop?

Newmont External Affairs Manager and Coordinator, Andrea Durie and Kit Wilson are always happy to answer queries. There is also information available at the Newmont website and the phone number for information about mining activities in Waihi is 0800 Newmont.

Click play to hear the Newmont Waihi Gold update interview.

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