Newmont Waihi Gold Update 18/06/2014

Posted by on 18/06/2014

Environmental monitoring is an integral part of modern gold 2

The Newmont Waihi Gold External Affairs department is always pleased to accept feedback or questions from the public about their operations.

External Affairs Manager Andrea Durie did some research on one of the questions asked last week and provided more information about the mine plan which is posted on Newmont's website at the beginning of each month.

Questions this week were ... We keep hearing that the Correnso mine proceeding is dependent on approval in August. If this is the case why have the tunnels, drilling and blasting already started?

If Correnso goes ahead will it benefit the local economy with local jobs? How many jobs is it likely to provide? Hear the answers by listening to the audio.

Banarra, an independent company is about to undertake the Social Impact Assessment which is required by the Correnso consent.

Banarra staff will be conducting focus groups and interviews next week, returning again in two weeks. Ms Durie stressed that people who talk with Banarra will not be identified to Newmont and anonymity can be assured.

This week the Newmont Waihi Gold Update explains how water is handled on their sites and reports that the storm water and run off from the Waste Rock Embankment will soon be discharged directly into the Ohinemuri River. The Update details how this possible.

Click play to hear the interview.

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