Newmont Waihi Gold Update 15/01/2014

Posted by on 15/01/2014

Environmental monitoring is an integral part of modern gold

In this week's Newmont Waihi Gold Update the company details how to find a map showing the Correnso mine plan on their website.

They also explain how to log on to the website to monitor recent vibration events; and report on the notification trial which is currently underway in a number of homes.

Newmont External Affairs team Andrea Durie and Kit Wilson called in to the Gold FM studio to update local operations and answer questions we were sent.

There are a number of conditions the company must meet to satisfy resource consent conditions for the new Correnso underground mine. Understanding and interpreting the information made available for locals interested in knowing how blasting is progressing is going to be a bit of a learning curve for everybody.

Newmont staff are keen to enable anyone who is unsure about aspects of the Correnso data to better understand what is happening and encourage residents to contact their External Affairs Department for more information.

Click play and allow the audio to open and play to hear the interview with Andrea Durie and Kit Wilson.

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