Newmont Waihi Gold Update 12/06/2014

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Gold FM welcomed Newmont External Affairs Manager Andrea Durie back into the studio today.

Consultation with residents directly above the Correnso development drives has been completed and The Property Group will now look after those people working through the ex-gratia process. Project matters can still be referred to Newmont and ex-gratia issues should be directed to The Property Group, Andrea Durie said.

Last week a question was asked about house prices in Waihi East since the Correnso proposal was announced and differences since resource consent was granted. Ms Durie gave a detailed explanation about the situation from Newmont's perspective saying they expected a drop in house prices when Correnso was announced which is why the Top Up programme was put in place.

Just over 40 Top Up payments have been made and the process has gone well, she said. An independent company monitors the housing market on a six monthly basis to give Newmont feedback on the influence they are having on the local property market.

Sales are generally higher in Waihi West but since the Top Up was implemented Waihi East sales have surpassed Waihi West over time. "We were deemed to be having a positive influence in the market and that was never the intent".

A report will be coming through shortly that will give Newmont a better idea of where the market is at since consent was granted.

Ms Durie was also able to answer some questions sent through a couple of weeks ago.

'Since Newmont is operating a gold mine in and under a residential area, how do they justify needing to have 2 events occur within a month for it to be considered to be adversely affecting amenity?'

'You mentioned an overview of the calculated AEP Payments is undertaken in order to see if the pattern of payments makes sense. So can you explain why, when comparing payments of neighbouring properties, we are seeing some very disturbing discrepancies?'

And another question sent through this week asking why there haven't been any monthly plans since April.

Andrea Durie said that drilling is not really considered to be mining and there are a different set of conditions relating to drilling.

To hear the full interview click play and allow a few moments for the audio to open.

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