Newmont Waihi Gold Update 12/03/2014

Posted by on 12/03/2014

A drilling jumbo working in a drive at Newmont Waihi Golds 3

Newmont Waihi Gold's External Affairs Co-ordinator Kit Wilson said corporate Newmont has recognised the achievement of one million work hours without a lost time injury by their Geology Department as 'a big deal' when he called in to the Gold FM studio today.

Mining has the potential to be dangerous so the company is celebrating with the teams who reached the one million hours milestone.

The Staff and Families Open Day was a huge success with over 800 people enjoying the mining company's hospitality.

Local Emergency Services, including doctors and paramedics are invited to visit Newmont's sites so that they are familiar with the layout if an emergency should arise and members of the Volunteer Fire Brigade went underground recently.

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He also answered the following questions that were sent through.

1. Last week Kit Wilson mentioned that the current date for the closure of Correnso mine is late 2017. However, vibration envelopes presented at the hearings show blasting in that area several years past that date. Can Mr Wilson please explain this discrepancy?

2. A drill rig caused the Gladstone Road subsidence according to recent reports that put the blame on a Newmont managed procedure.

Why did Newmont ask for the provisions for controlled status activity relating to their exploration to be put into the district plan? And why did they appeal?

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