Newmont Waihi Gold Update 09/04/2014

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A low profile underground loader at Newmont Waihi Golds Fav

Newmont Waihi Gold External Affairs Coordinator Kit Wilson was asked how the drilling to install piezo monitors on Barry Road is progressing. He explained how deep the drill is presently and said that when the Barry Road piezometer is in place the drill rig will be moved to Gladstone Road to install a second device. It's estimated to take approximately 6 weeks altogether to complete the drilling in both sites.

A number of measures are being used to keep the noise level of the operating drill rig at a minimum and Kit Wilson explained what they are.

Newmont cannot confirm when residents likely to be affected in the Correnso area will be contacted about house sales or compensation. Work is continuing to analyse the data from the exploration development drive and when it is complete the extent and size of the Correnso ore body will allow development of a final mine plan.

Who owns the Pumphouse and land around it? What will happen to it when Newmont leaves? Could it ever be sold? You'll hear the answer when you listen to the interview.

Newmont Waihi Gold featured in a TV3 news story on Friday night that detailed 'incidents' since Pike River. Kit Wilson said the company felt the item was a little bit sensationalist. They have had over 600 days without an injury that requires someone to stay home from work. "I stand by our safety record here on site," he said.

Dates have been confirmed for the next community meetings. They will be advertised extensively. Vibration workshops have been scheduled for Tuesday April 29 and Wednesday April 30.

Ring binders are still up for grabs. Newmont have plenty on offer and anyone who would like some is welcome to contact Newmont.

Operation Minefield is happening in Waihi next weekend. Newmont and Waihi Heritage Vision have joined in with Go Waihi and the NZ Military Vehicle Collectors Club to present an event with a difference. A convoy of the vehicles will parade up Seddon Street prior to descending down into the Martha mine. A badge with the name of Waihi tunnellers who served in WW1 will be attached to the vehicles before they descend into the pit and descendants of some of the men will have the opportunity to board some of the vehicles for the trip down into the 'minefield'.

In this weeks pdf edition of the Newmont Update the company continue their investigation of cyanide management on site and explain how water treatment oxidizes cyanide to become simple carbon and nitrogen compounds. They report on wildlife, river and bore monitoring and describe how the birds are counted at the tailings storage facility each day. A spot of fishing on the Ohinemuri River takes place, but not with a hook and line.

Newmont also reports on the work of peer reviewers and explain the importance of the International Cyanide Management Code.

There is also notification of two upcoming vibration workshops and the next correnso community meeting which is scheduled for May 14.

Read the  Newmont Waihi Gold Update here

Click play to hear the interview with Kit Wilson.

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