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Staff head for the surface at Newmont Waihi Golds Favona mi2

Do the road works that recently occurred near the Poppet Head on Seddon St and further road works on Kenny St by the Rugby fields have any connection to Newmont operations?

Kit Wilson from the Newmont Waihi Gold External Affairs Department was able to answer the question above when he came into the Gold FM studio earlier today.

A listener sent through a response to an answer to a question Kit Wilson was asked last week.

"I was very disappointed in the dismissive nature of Mr. Wilson's response to the question on their underground location. Since there are conditions of consent that are location specific, does he not feel that Council has a responsibility to monitor and verify the location of the mining and not just, "check if they like"? What happened to his attitude of "Track us, don't trust us"? Are we now meant to take their word, because they "wouldn't do anything to jeopardize the consent", considering recent breaches and near breaches of those same conditions and operating protocols?"

Mr Wilson said he certainly hadn't intended to be dismissive and explained that Council can check if they wish to. He added that he has no knowledge of any consent conditions that have been breached and he is happy to respond if more information is provided.

There was a strange vehicle with a satellite dish inside the perimeter of the pit rim the other day. What was it for?

It's Pit Wall Radar. Listen to the explanation in the interview for more information.

A slip occurred on the Haul Road in Martha Pit last week and the Pit Wall Radar can play a part in checking stability.

The drilling in Gladstone Road is nearing completion and it's hoped the rig will be dismantled and the area will be reinstated and re-grassed next week.

Correnso resource consent public meetings are due to be held at the Waihi Memorial Hall at 10 am and 5.30 pm next Wednesday.

The warm hot air coming from the vent shaft on Union Hill in the cooler weather has been noticed by residents lately and Mr Wilson said there is no cause for alarm.

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