Newmont Waihi Gold Update 05/06/2014

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Newmont Waihi Gold directly employs 350 people. A similar nu3

Newmont Waihi Gold External Affairs Co-ordinator Kit Wilson was asked who The Property group is when he came in to Gold FM for the Newmont Update today.

How were they selected?

Mr Wilson explained what The Property Group does and how they came to be involved in Waihi East property valuations.

The Property Group are being introduced to the owners of properties above the proposed drives and spiral decline so that valuations can be carried out and ex-gratia payments can be offered.

Have you noticed any difference in house prices in Waihi East since the Correnso proposal was announced?

What about after the Correnso resource consent was granted?

We received some very in-depth questions a couple of weeks ago and they will be answered by External Affairs Manager Andrea Durie next week.

A map which shows the three planned Correnso development drives is available on the website and will also be able to be viewed on the Gold FM website

It's hoped the budget to proceed with Correnso will be approved in August and Kit Wilson explained more about the process involved.

To hear the full interview click play and to see the maps and information in the Newmont Update

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