Newmont Waihi Gold Update 05/02/2014

Posted by on 05/03/2014

Newmont External Affairs Coordinator Kit Wilson researched a curly question that was asked last week and was able to provide an answer.

Questions sent through this week were complex and involved.

Last week Newmont announced that their community funding will become more targeted and more specific with their funding applications - does that mean most of their money goes back to their own projects?

The date of departure from Waihi has changed several times over the years.

When is the current end date of mining, and with the technology today and even more advanced technology becoming available, is Newmont very likely to extend that if they find more gold worth mining, therefore extending their time here?

How do Waihi residents work towards a future without Newmont when the date changes?

Kit Wilson directed questions asked about the appointment of a Katikati woman to the Waihi Community Forum back to the forum along with saying he didn't have the authority to answer the question on behalf of the forum.

There were also questions about the current and former External Affairs Managers:

"Ms. Durie was originally signed on for a 1 year contract - what is the status of the External Affairs Manager's position?"

How will the relationship between Newmont and Sefton Darby change now that he has been uninvolved with their activities for a year? When he left Newmont to take up a position as head of the Minerals Division at New Zealand Petroleum and Minerals, which is a government department, Newmont said he would not be involved for a year.

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