New Chum Beach Development On Hold

Posted by on 07/05/2014


A subdivision application to develop land above New Chum Beach is currently on hold while further information is provided by the applicant.

The resource consent application is for the creation of one conservation, along with a boundary relocation. The application is also for a house on each of the three lots. The application, which was lodged before the Proposed District Plan (December 2013 version) was notified, so is treated as a "controlled activity," under the rules of the Operative District Plan.

Controlled activity status means the consent authority must grant the consent (section 87A(2)(a)),unless section 55(2) of the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act 2011 applies or the consent relates to a subdivision on land which is likely to suffer material damage from erosion, falling debris, subsidence, slippage, or inundation from any source, or if there is insufficient legal and physical access to each proposed allotment to be created by a subdivision (section 106).

Thames Coromandel District Council (TCDC) - the consent authority can impose conditions on the consent, but only for those matters over which the council has reserved control in the relevant plan or over which control is reserved in national environmental standards. The activity must also comply with any requirements, conditions and permissions specified in the RMA, regulations or relevant plan (section 87A(2)(c)).

In processing the resource consent for the New Chum development TCDC is now waiting for:

1 - More detail around the ecological report and the on-going management of the covenanted area;

2 - A more detailed visual assessment particularly in relation to the visibility of the house sites from New Chum beach;

3 - A detailed landscape plan

4 - Confirmation around the roading and access issues that the application can meet the district plan standards.

“We understand the high public interest in any development at New Chum, like any other area of our pristine coastal environment,” says Mayor Glenn Leach. “We also want to investigate and work with the applicant on how we can manage the environmental impacts involved with the growing number of visitors who are coming to New Chum”.

"We'll be pushing for a natural buffer zone between the development and the beach. This would run the full length of the beach and be maintained by a covenant, potentially through the QEII Trust or TCDC," says Mayor Leach.

Meanwhile in accordance with the Resource Management Act, a decision on notification - either limited or public - has not been made yet and our staff is carefully considering all aspects of the application.