My Hero!

Posted by on 05/02/2014


A first-time wake boarder who lost his ‘Go Pro’ camera when he ‘face planted into the Firth of Thames’ has received some good news about his gadget five years after he saw it going down, down, down under.

A Taupiri couple, Wayne and Marilyn Hall, noticed something unusual amongst debris at Thornton Bay about two weeks ago and tracked down the owner by taking the SD card out of the camera to see if anything showed up. The waterproof case on the camera had kept the gadget and images dry and after posting photos of the man, Wayne and Marilyn, were rewarded with the owner’s name by a couple who recognised him from a Facebook post.

The camera’s owner, Tom Kelly, will be receiving a parcel in the post to his home in Birmingham, England, where he now lives.

The little camera was aptly named the ‘Go Pro Hero’.