Posted by DoC on 10/02/2014


Department of Conservation (DOC) staff have euthanised a juvenile beaked whale after the animal repeatedly re-stranded itself at Pilot Bay, Mount Maunganui last night.

DOC believes the 3 metre juvenile became disconnected from the pod, and was unable to fend for itself.

A group of around 30 locals and Pilot Bay business people who gathered at the scene were totally supportive and helped the Department’s on call emergency staff to attempt to refloat the juvenile whale several times. DOC Ranger Dan Rapson says they were very appreciative of the support they received from the crowd, acknowledging it was an emotional time.

“The juvenile whale had a very limited chance of survival, being un-weaned, so the decision to euthanase the animal was made to put an end to its very obvious distress”.

Beaked whales are fairly common around New Zealand waters. DOC staff are working with tangata whenua to organise an appropriate burial.