Jet Skier Rescues Teens At Bowentown

Posted by on 06/01/2014

Bowentown beach

While praising the actions of a passing jet-skier who helped rescue two teenage boys in difficulty in the ocean off Bowentown yesterday, Waikato Police say heeding some basic advice can hopefully prevent such issues occurring in the first place.

Eastern Waikato Prevention Manager, Senior Sergeant Rod Carpinter, said the two 15-year-old boys had been swimming off ANZAC cove near Bowentown yesterday when they got into difficulty shortly after 5.30pm.

"It looks like they were swept out in the current after swimming off the deeper end of the beach and they just managed to raise the attention of a jet-skier in the area who dragged them back to shore.

"The pair were then taken by ambulance to Tauranga Hospital in a status three condition."

Mr Carpinter said Police would be looking at the most appropriate way to acknowledge the jet-skier's actions and meanwhile asked holiday makers to follow some basic steps to prevent them getting into trouble when enjoying the ocean this summer.

"Always swim between the flags and where possible, swim with a friend.

"While swimming with your friend or friends know and keep to the limits of your capabilities. If you don’t know the area, swim closer to shore, unknown currents and rips can soon become dangerous."

Mr Carpinter said lifeguards were on duty at most popular beaches and the public are encouraged to seek them out and ask for their advice on local conditions before entering the water.