Heroic Buddy

Posted by on 11/06/2014

Buddy Harwood

A 20 year old volunteer fire fighter from Athenree is being hailed a hero. Buddy Harwood is living in Canada and didn't hesitate when he and his girlfriend came across a car burning at the side of the road and realised people were trapped inside the vehicle.

Buddy and a Canadian man who rushed to help rescued a family of five from the burning wreck. Between them they managed to free all five occupants from the vehicle with just moments to spare before it was engulfed in flames and the tyres exploded violently.

Luckily another passerby on the scene had a fire extinguisher and the men were able to subdue the fire long enough for the three boys, a woman and a man to be cut loose of seat belts and pulled up a bank to safety.

Despite Mr Harwood performing CPR on the 82 year old man for about 30 minutes he could not be revived.

"The car was completely on fire with five people inside. As a firefighter, it was natural instinct to just get in there," Buddy Harwood said, when he was interviewed on television. "I instantly thought 'it could blow' and so I stood back. But then I heard banging and I looked down and it was a young kid screaming. He was screaming, 'Help, help'. You just cannot walk away from that."