Gold FM Police File 28/01/2014

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The Waihi Police have been busy and Sergeant Aaron Fraser said although there were several car crashes the people involved were very lucky to have escaped with no serious injuries.

A tourist driving on the wrong side of the road crashed head on into another car on Waitewhata Road, and a very drunk driver rolled his vehicle on the same road.

A crash in the Athenree Gorge last Sunday morning saw a driver taken to hospital when he hit a bank in the gorge and was thrown through the air. "He was lucky there were no cars coming the other way," Sergeant Fraser said.

Police dealt with two boys who were responsible for four burglaries, wilfull damage and driving a stolen motorbike. CYPS and Youth Aid are involved with the 12 and 14 year old boys and it's hoped their offending won't continue.

Last Thursday a house at Waikino was robbed while the owners were at home in the garden. Jewellery and expensive electronic items were taken and it's recommended people are aware that thieves will enter unlocked doors and windows.

With holidays coming to a close and Waitangi Day next week people are advised to keep focussed and drive to the conditions on the roads.

The Waihi Police can be contacted on 07 863 8179 and the anonymous line to report crime is 0800 555 111. In an emergency don't hesitate - call 111.

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