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Sergeant Aaron Fraser updated the Police File this week and it was good to hear that police recovered a trailer stolen from a Baber Street area. A large white Canadian kayak that was on the trailer has not been located yet but investigations are continuing. The owner of the trailer did not realise that the thief had taken another of his trailers, which police also recovered and returned.

Sergeant Fraser asked for the public to keep an eye out for a white holden ute with some damage. The vehicle belongs to a Hamilton man with known links to the Waihi area and he is responsible for the theft of the two trailers. Anyone who knows or has seen the man is asked to contact the Waihi Police.

A 19 year old was locked up and will appear in court today for the burglary of a Shaw Road property at Waihi Beach.

A couple of crashes kept emergency services busy last Saturday. One was due to a car travelling at excessive speed on State Highway 2 by Waimata School. The driver lost control of the vehicle when he hit gravel and rolled several times.

The driver of a vehicle involved in a crash with another car on the corner of Seddon Avenue and Martin Road was found to be four times over the legal limit and faces drink driving offences.

A cheeky person is being sought in relation to a break in at a Heard Road house. Sergeant Fraser said the intruder was making like the house was theirs and made themselves at home eating food and leaving the property in a bit of an untidy state. They did however roll up the sheets to be washed.

Anyone who noticed suspicious activity on Heard Road is urged to contact the police.

A young girl who entered a surfing competition at Waihi Beach recently was left very disappointed by a thief who stole her surfboard. Anyone who notices someone with a surf board they didn't have before is asked to report it to the police.

Children are thought to have started a fire on a deck at Waihi Beach Primary School last weekend. The fire caused some damage to the deck but it could have been a lot worse Sergeant Fraser said.

The Waihi Police can be contacted on 07 863 8179 and the anonymous reporting line is 0800 555 111.

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