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Community Constable Harley North updated the Gold FM Police File this week.

Police have had a busy weekend and thieves have had an even busier one with up to 6 burglaries reported by the end of the Easter long weekend.

There were residential break-ins, a rural burglary and Waihi College came in for attention as well. The school's gym was broken into and Constable North said it was really unfortunate to discover the amount of offending during Easter.

Two Moresby Avenue properties, another couple in Kenny Street and a Mataura Road property received visits from thieves.

Entry was forced into some of the properties but some were not locked and Police are warning people to make sure their homes are secure, even when they are in their garden or yard because opportunistic crime has become prevalent.

The Waihi College Gym was defaced with graffiti and sports gear was ransacked and some was stolen.

A violent assault occurred last Tuesday night. Two males had a set to and one of the men required hospital treatment. Enquiries are ongoing.

Trademe fraud is being reported more and more with Waihi Police receiving complaints every week. A local Waihi woman has been listing ipads and iphones on Trademe that don't exist and selling the fabricated items. People have been handing over large amounts of money and not receiving any products. Constable North reminded people to only trade with people with a strong record of positive feedback and suggested checking address verified status. "Don't deal with traders who have never traded before and have no history, you could be getting ripped off," he said.

A young woman under 20 years of age will be appearing in court facing drink driving offences.

The speed tolerance reduction remains at 4 km through to the end of Anzac weekend. "We have a lot of staff policing the roads," Constable North said.

He explained that the zero tolerance and harsh penalties are because Police are trying to save lives.

The youth problem is continuing with large groups of youths milling around the streets night and day causing headaches. There has been a lot of disorder and fighting and Harley North came across two large groups squaring each other up for a scrap on Saturday evening.

"Call the Police on 111" was the message. Disorderly, threatening behaviour will not be tolerated and Police want to hear about it.

Any suspicious behaviour can be reported by calling 07 863 8179, or dial 111 in an emergency.

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