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  • Youths are causing headaches for Police and Waihi East residents at the moment. A 14 year old assaulted another youth with a stick embedded with a nail.
  • A motorbike stolen a couple of weeks ago has been recovered.
  • Residents being approached about work have been victims of opportunistic thieves.
  • A 37 year old local woman has been charged for shoplifting.
  • Groups of wandering youths are a problem as well.

Waihi Police Sergeant Aaron Fraser joined Brian Gentil in the studio to update the Gold FM Police File this morning.

There were a series of fights at a party on Friday night and a party goer was hit in the head twice with a piece of wood with a nail sticking out of it.

A 14 year old is being dealt with for the serious assault. The injured person was airlifted to hospital and is very lucky not to have been killed or to have suffered serious long term injury.

On the same night a motorbike was recovered that was stolen from a Stafford Street property a few weeks ago. A 19 year old male from Waihi East was charged over the theft.

Sergeant Fraser said there is a bit of a problem with youth in Waihi East at the moment. A group are knocking on doors asking about work and taking opportunities to enter properties and make off with property if nobody is around.

The Police would like to be informed if anyone is visited by young people asking about work.

A 37 year old local female was arrested on Saturday. She spent an hour shoplifting in a shop in the CBD on Friday and returned to the store on Saturday. The woman has been charged with shoplifting offences.

Shop owners are encouraged to talk to anyone acting suspiciously so that they are aware they are being watched.

Youths are wandering the streets and Police would like to be alerted to any issues. Twenty to thirty of the young people are causing concern and Police would like to be notified about any incidents quickly.

Phone the Waihi Police Station on 863 8179, call the anonymous line on 0800 555 111 and make sure to dial 111 in an emergency.

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