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It was a pleasure to welcome Senior Sergeant Rex Knight back into the studio. He called in to update the Police File.

The 54 year old man who attacked a Waihi business owner in Rosemont Road last week is still in custody and Rex Knight said "It's a good job too." The man has been charged and is 'going through the process'.

A vehicle was stolen from Hamilton some time ago and was found completely gutted after being set alight in Waitawheta Road last Wednesday. The vehicle had been stripped, the plates had been taken and Senior Sergeant Knight said it had obviously been used for 'sinister things'.

Last Saturday evening a 37 year old Union Street male behaving badly was dealt with.

Kids causing havoc are frustrating Police and the community. A large group of young people thinking they can do as they like are being made accountable for their actions."They have been thinking they can do what they like without consequence. Wrong," Rex Knight said. "We are making their parents and caregivers accountable too and we know they are being allowed to wander aimlessly. They've been committing quite a bit of damage - dishonesty, thefts and breaking into houses."

An 11 year old girl was responsible for six burglaries recently. "When does it become the fault of an organisation like the Police for bad parenting?" Senior Sergeant Knight said.

The business community, who have been dealing with bad behaviour in the CBD, met last night to discuss what has been happening and talk about solutions. The Police spoke to the meeting which was very well attended by concerned business people.

On duty Police picked up young children wandering the CBD and returned them home to their parents again last night.

To contact Police call 863 8179 or if you feel you need an urgent response ring 111 immediately. Rex Knight explained why 111 is a good option if Police action is required immediately. To report incidents anonymously call 0800 555 111.

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