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Sergeant Aaron Fraser updated the Gold FM Police File today.

The man who was on the receiving end of an Armed Offenders Squad call out last week will reappear in court tomorrow. The man faces charges of threatening to kill, unlawful possession of a pistol, unlawful possession of ammunition, possession and cultivation of cannabis and reckless discharge of a firearm.

A 19 year old Hamilton male faces traffic charges and his car has been impounded after he was caught doing skids and driving recklessly last Wednesday.

Emergency services rushed to Shelly Bay (a 10 minute walk from Anzac Bay) on Saturday. A 66 year old man was diving with family and drowned. It's not known what happened to cause the tragedy. Sergeant Fraser said, "It was a very sad event". The matter has been referred to the Coroner.

Opportunistic thieves have been at it again. A man who was gardening in Kitchener Street left his front door open and somebody walked into his home and 'helped themselves'. People are urged to keep their doors locked, even when they are out gardening. "Make it harder for people to steal," Sergeant Fraser said. "Don't become a victim."

Domestic violence is keeping police busy at the moment. Sergeant Fraser said they 'try to help these families as best we can but there are a lot of domestics going on in families with young kids especially'.

Financial hardship seems to be one of the drivers for domestics at the moment. Parents facing worries over affording school supplies are urged to talk to the school.

A caretaker's shed at the Waihi College was broken into last week and various items were taken including a bunch of keys. People are asked to keep their eyes and ears open and report any found keys to the police.

Anonymous information can be phoned through to 0800 555 111 and non urgent matters can be directed to the Waihi Police at 07 863 8179.

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