Gold FM Fire Call Out 24/02/2014

Posted by on 24/02/2014

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The Waihi Fire Service was called out to an unusual event at Waikino last Thursday. "It's not often we get called out to deal with a toxic spill," Chief Fire Officer Moe Stevens said.

A ready mixed garden spray had started to leak and a woman trying to clean up the chemicals experienced tingling in her fingers. The ambulance was called to ensure the lady was not suffering any other effects and the fire service dealt with the chemical.

At 10 pm on Thursday a rubbish fire at Consols Street sparked a call out. On arrival the firemen ascertained that the person managing the fire had a permit.

A motor crash occurred on the corner of Martin Road and State Highway 2 at about 1:40 pm on Saturday. Moe Stevens said the weather conditions weren't 'flash' at the time which probably contributed to the accident. "The people involved were removed from the cars and taken away by ambulance to hospital, but we don't think it was overly serious," Moe Stevens said.

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