Gold FM Fire Call Out - 20/01/2014 - audio

Posted by on 20/01/2014

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Chief Fire Officer Moe Stevens said the Waihi Fire & Rescue Service has had a busy time of late.

The service receives call outs to Quarry Road on a regular basis to extinguish fires that have been illegally lit. They went again last Wednesday and are hoping evidence gathered will identify the person who decided to burn rubbish again.

At 8 pm on Thursday the fire service assisted the ambulance service with a medical emergency.

Saturday; there were two call outs. A heavily laden fruit van tipped over on a corner at Woodlands Road at 9.30 am. The German lady driver suffered cuts and bruises and was lucky to escape serious injury.

At midday the siren went off again and it was off to Waikino as a power line had come down across the road.

The service is averaging a call a day at the moment and had a busy week starting January 5 when they received 8 call outs including the incident at the ATM outside the ANZ bank when a woman was hit by a car that jumped the kerb.

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