Gold FM Fire Call Out 16/06/2014

Posted by on 16/06/2014

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The Waihi Volunteer Service had a busy week.
The alarm at Waihi College went off last Monday and after checking appeared to be a false alarm. It seems to be an ongoing issue with the alarm at the college Chief Fire Officer Moe Stevens said.
Last Wednesday residents in a Mackey Street house received a rude awakening at 5am when the strong wind lifted the roof off their house. A short time later (5.30 am) the fire service was called to remove a gum tree that was taken down by the wind, landing across Old Tauranga Road. A chain saw was used to remove the tree from the road.
On Thursday morning at 8 am a 2 car collision occurred on the Silverton/Johnston Road intersection. A visitor to Waihi failed to give way. Luckily there were no injuries.
An hour later it was off to the Athenree Gorge to remove another tree that came down across SH2.
A childish prank wasted time on Friday night when the service was called out to a fire at about 6 pm. A child called saying there was a fire and when the firemen turned out to check there was no fire. Coincidentally it was a full moon and Friday the 13th!
A chimney fire in Silverton Road at 7.30 pm last Friday prompted a warning to make sure your chimney is clean.

Click play to hear the interview with Chief Fire Officer Moe Stevens.

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