Coromandel Fires Costly

Posted by on 23/01/2014

fire hand

The Coromandel district is facing increasing costs for fire services. The Monday before last a farm worker is thought to have inadvertently sparked a blaze that could cost the owner of the land $20,000 as he is likely to be sent the bill.

Then last Friday at 2 pm a fire on Kennedy Bay Road caused concern for DoC when a hillside was alight and sparks endangered nearby power lines.

Kennedy Bay residents were without power for a period as it was turned off as a safety precaution.

Initially one helicopter was used to fight the blaze but as light decreased another two helicopters from Warkworth were flown to the area to help.

It took until 8.30 pm to contain the fire and the bill to put it out is likely to exceed $30,000.

Investigations are continuing into the cause of the fire.