Conveyor Belt Boogie

Posted by on 31/03/2014

coveyor walk 2014

The opportunity to walk along the route gold takes from Martha mine to the processing plant was taken up by 87 people yesterday.

Newmont Waihi Gold staff prepared the track to make sure members of the public had an easy, safe walk behind the scenes along the ‘Conveyor Belt Boogie’ as part of the Echo Walking Festival.

The 2 .7 km track allowed walkers to take in unique views and learn about the history of the area along the way.

Yesterdays walk was the fourth annual Conveyor Belt Boogie and Go Waihi Coordinator Brian Gentil (who is also Chairman of the EchoWalking Festival committee), said "We're very pleased that Newmont Waihi Gold allows Go Waihi to include this very different walk into our programme. Travelling under, up, through and over the conveyor belt route is an unique experience".

Photo: Courtesy Kit Wilson - Newmont Waihi Gold.