Arrests Made For Supplying Alcohol To Nine Year Old

Posted by on 14/01/2014

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Three people have been arrested for supplying alcohol to a nine year old boy who appeared to be drunk when he was videoed at a Hamilton skate park.

A 25 year old woman and two men, one aged 20 and the other 27, have been charged with supplying alcohol to a minor and will appear in the Hamilton District Court on January 28.

The boy initially claimed his aunt had given him ‘Codys’, a premixed bourbon drink. He also said he had smoked marijuana.

The youth who spoke to the nine year old at the time and posted a video of the incident was criticised for his actions but he defended his stance saying that he hoped something positive would result from the publicity.

Police and child agencies were outraged at the irresponsible actions of the adults who supplied the alcohol and are supporting the boy and his family.