Would You Like Another Drink?

Posted by Gold FM on 20/06/2012


A  new liquor store which is planned to open in Silverton Road Waihi is copping a bit of flack from some locals.

There are concerns that yet another liquor outlet in the town with a population of just over 4,500 will provide easier and cheaper access to alcohol.

Waihi has five off-licences and two supermarkets selling alcohol and the prospect of another liquor store is proving a bit hard to swallow for some.

The company planning to open the new premises, who also operate a liquor store in Paeroa, believes they will be giving shoppers more choice and cheaper prices and is no different from supermarket alcohol sales.

A quick unofficial poll done by Gold FM found that most people agreed with the company proposing to open the liquor outlet. People felt that it wouldn't cause them to drink any more than usual, but would offer them more choice, and if prices were cheaper it would be a bonus as any money saved could be used elsewhere.

When asked about problem drinking the general consensus was that if someone has a drink problem it wouldn't matter how many liquor outlets there are because it's more about personal responsibility than the amount of choice available.