Win - Win Community Consultation For Waikino

Posted by Waikino Liaison Society on 11/10/2012

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The people of Waikino spoke up and Hauraki District Council listened. This was a classic case of residents wanting to protect their unique village atmosphere and lifestyle.

Back in October 2009 HDC publicly notified the draft district plan for the Waikino area that included a large chunk of prime rural land being made available for approx. 200 residential dwellings.

A public meeting was held in the local hall in November 2009 and the overwhelming majority opinion was against the idea of such a large subdivision and for the idea that Waikino should be left to grow at the present rate.

An action group was formed and meetings held with the representatives of the HDC planning committee, which resulted in a two third reduction in the proposed zone change size.

Further community consultation took place including a community survey to find out residents feelings, and the Waikino Liaison Society’s management committee was given a mandate from the residents to present a submission to the council on their behalf.

Chairperson, Diane Kiernan and Vice Chairperson, John Wilson collated the information and presented their submissions to a council hearing in November 2011.

Finally on September 14 this year HDC publicly notified its “Decisions Version of the Proposed District Plan” which shows a further reduction to the low density residential housing area on a structure plan allowing for no more than four extra dwellings along the north side of Old Waitekauri Road.

A public meeting was held on October 8 and the overwhelming majority of villagers who attended agreed this was the best outcome. It would help retain the character of Waikino but at the same time give a potential developer something of what had originally been sought.