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Posted by Gold FM on 08/11/2012

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The Waihi East Ratepayers Group is now an incorporated society. They've begun to publicise their group, invite new members and make their concerns known publicly.

Terry Podmore, the spokesperson for the group said the meeting they held last week went very well and they will be having another meeting next week.

When asked about membership he replied that in the beginning they had 15 inaugural members and there were approximately 70 people at their meeting last Thursday with membership growing every day.

Terry was asked why WERGI has changed its stance, as when they first formed they were mainly interested in the people they felt were directly affected. He said the Mayor called a meeting of the most affected people last August where 36 or 40 people were invited, because they were identified as being the most likely to be affected. At the meeting some people said it was a wider area issue and as things have progressed we've agree with them, that it's important to involve anybody in Waihi who has a concern with what's happening in Waihi East.

Terry brought a large map with black and orange dots on it into the studio today and explained that it had drawn a lot of interest when they put it up at the WERGI meeting last week. "Essentially it's a large map where we've looked at the submissions and those people who have opposed Newmont's application are represented by the orange dots and those people who support it have a black dot. The map clearly highlights the level of opposition in Waihi East with the majority of objectors coming from there. There are not too many objectors coming from the wider area of Waihi, but significantly over 140 supporters of the proposal come from South of Waihi", he said.

"The summary of submissions indicates that less than 20% of people supporting the proposal want to actually appear at the hearing. It appears as though a whole group of people have got together and filled out the form as a supporter".

Terry said overall when you analyse all of the different groups opposing the Newmont application their objectives are the same.

WERGI wants to hear from people who are directly affected by the Trio and Favona projects in particular. Mr Podmore said "We need the experiences of people who are adversely affected or impacted by the blasting and the vibration. It will help the WERGI group put submissions into the commission so they can see what is actually happening with their situations. It's one thing for experts to put forward reports and summaries and graphs, but it's a more important and powerful thing if people who have experience with this come forward".

Terry is asking for people already experiencing effects from underground mining from Favona or Trio to phone or text him on 0274 978 425.

WERGI have accepted an invitation to attend a meeting of the Waihi Community Forum and will show a power point presentation and share their views and suggestions with the forum next Tuesday. The Waihi Community Forum is holding a public workshop this Saturday between 10 and 2 for anyone wanting to learn more about their role in the Property and Community Improvement Policy (PCIP).

WERGI is also holding a meeting next Thursday, the 15th of November and they'd like anybody who supports their objectives to attend.

Listen to the full interview with Terry Podmore from WERGI

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