WERGI Encourage Membership At Meeting

Posted by Gold FM on 01/11/2012


WERGI, the Waihi East Ratepayers Group Inc is holding a meeting for members and intending members tonight, at the Waihi Rugby Clubrooms on Kenny Street.

Spokesperson Terry Podmore said this morning that as with any society it's only paid up members who can speak and vote at any meeting, so we will open the doors at 6.30 tonight for anybody who wishes to come along to join WERGI and pay their $10 membership.

He also said he wanted to re-emphasise that WERGI is not anti-mining. "Trio, Favona and Martha are all consented projects and there's little that we can do as an organisation about those".

"But the experience that people have in relation to those projects; any adverse effects that they have felt; we can actually use that to assist in getting conditions for Correnso" (the proposed underground mine in the Waihi East). That's the reason why we've opened up our invitation for people to come along tonight", Terry said.

"Maybe the reason people are sitting on the fence is perhaps they're a little afraid, perhaps they've got concerns about putting their hand up, perhaps they've got concerns about retribution.There are a whole lot of issues that people concern themselves with and we're saying you're not alone. Other people out there have the same fears and the same concerns and WERGI is in a position to be able help you, speak on your behalf, if you've already put a submission in, or by becoming a member, becoming involved in the WERGI submission".

"If you've not made a decision and you now want to be heard, the way to do that is to join WERGI tonight, bring along your $10 and fill out the form. That way when WERGI's submission goes in in it's entirety on the 3rd of December, you can be part of that".

"If someone has made a submission in opposition and didn't indicate that they wish to be heard, there's no difficulty in changing your mind, just contact the Council and let them know you now want to be heard. For those that don't feel comfortable to speak on your submission, a WERGI member would speak on your behalf at the Hearing. You can also have your submission heard jointly with WERGI's submission".

WERGI have been crunching the numbers and note that 92% of objecting submitters mentioned concerns about vibration, noise and property issues and 85% of objecting submitters requested a Section 100A Hearing which means the submissions are heard by three independent commissioners.

Terry said 82% of submitters in support of the proposed Correnso mine originated from outside of the most affected area, Waihi East and 45% of the submitters who are opposed originate from areas other than Waihi East, "so this tells us that this issue has become greater than Waihi East. The committee from WERGI have agreed to allow anybody who has an interest in this matter to become a member".

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