WCF Asks - What Could Be Done With $200,000?

Posted by Gold FM on 09/11/2012


Bhavesh Ranchhod from the Waihi Community Forum (WCF) came into the Gold FM studio this morning to talk about the important workshop the forum is holding tomorrow.

The forum is working very hard to ensure Waihi has the most positive result possible for the community in regard to proposed mining under Waihi East.

While there are five Waihi residents included in the WCF, Bhavesh represents the greater area of Waihi, and the other four represent the Waihi East community. He said he is there to bring a global perspective to the forum.

The forum is presently reviewing the AEP or Amenity Effects Programme, which looks at how affected residents are paid based on the effects of mining. Bhavesh said three proposals are on the table for the community to provide feedback. "How the money is allocated, what the criteria are and how exactly the programme runs. "You may not live in the Waihi East, but we certainly want your ideas", Bhavesh said.

The forum looks after the 'Streets Ahead' programme which is management of $200,000 that Newmont Waihi Gold provides annually. The money is to be used primarily in the Waihi East to improve property values and amenities.

Bhavesh said the forum had hoped to be able to hold the money over this year, but were advised yesterday they will need to spend the money before the 31st of December. The forum has been running for a relatively short time and has had an enormous workload in a very tight time frame. "We're asking all people who have an interest in that to get pen to paper, get typing, come and see us at the workshop. We're calling for all ideas on how we can spend this $200,000, and we've already had quite a few as well".

Bhavesh would like to see some of the money benefit the wider area. "There have been some great ideas so far", Bhavesh said. "We're talking about a community park, some activity areas; we've had a suggestion of a wind turbine to provide power to homes in the Waihi East. If we don't spend the money this year it's going to be lost and it's too good an opportunity to pass up so we're asking people to get those ideas into us and come and see us at the workshop".

Any ideas? The workshop is on from 10 am until 2 pm and you're free to come and go as you please.

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