Waikino Resident Complains To Auditor General

Posted by Gold FM - source Dawn Sinclair letter. on 23/01/2012

Waikino resident Dawn Sinclair has written to the Auditor General because she says she's concerned about decisions made by the Hauraki District Council and Councillors.

She is totally opposed to the Council's proposal to move the Waihi District Library from it's present building into a purpose built facility that will be built on Rosemont Road, saying that the Office of The Ombudsmen is currently undertaking an investigation regarding the accuracy of advice Councillors received from Council staff regarding the library.

She has also asked that the Auditor General consider a list of other concerns she has, including cases that she considers contain an element of potential conflict of interest, conflict of duty, conflict of role, bias or determination.

She claims a $250,000 bequest to WACMA, the Waihi Arts Centre and Museum, was frittered away with no accountability during a period when a sitting HDC councillor was the President of the WACMA Committee and his wife was a part-time paid adminstrator.

She says the Waihi Academy on Landlyst Road gained Resource Consent approval from HDC with minimal consent conditions and it has never been made clear how the Waihi District will benefit. She goes on to say that a then HDC Waihi Ward Councillor was offered and took up a teaching position at the Academy.

Dawn Sinclair says in her letter she had a conversation with HDC CEO Langley Cavers in November 2011 where she questioned the town planning wisdom to build such a big sporting complex ( The Waihi Events Centre) in an area ideal for a town centre, writing that he said that the land in question was Crown land and if the Council did not build on it the land could revert back to the Crown and end up in any Treaty Settlement with Hauraki Iwi.

She raised concerns about some Waikino rural land being rezoned low-density residential, saying that the land is not suitable for the rezoning and that the Waikino land owner requesting the land be rezoned was the then Chairman of the Waikino Liasion Committee, a self-appointed organisation professing to represent the views of Waikino residents.

The list of issues raised by Mrs Sinclair also includes the L& P Cafe in Paeroa which was started and owned by then deputy Mayor John Tregidga.

She says she suspects the large industrial park at Kerepeehi has only one tenant, the son of a Ngatea Ward Councillor who owns a transport company.

The Hauraki Herald comes up too, with concerns raised that a weekly column of Council news was for years written by a Waihi Ward councillor without being attributed to the writer who expressed views either for or against an issue.

Dawn Sinclair also believes she is a victim of conflict of interest, especially bias and determination in regard to a property which she sought Resource Consent for some years ago, and says that she rarely receives a response to letters and emails sent to the Council and has long given up expecting any.